Gorgeous pink aura quartz crystal bottle pendant. Pink aura quartz is known for helping you keep your heart chakra in balance and filled with joy so wearing this luminous stone necklace on your heart is a perfect resting place! Handmade by Estrella & Luna Jewelry.


  • Fillable stone bottle
  • Measures 1.5 inches in length by .75 inches in width
  • Screw top
  • Quartz crystal includes a mini dropper 
  • Lobster claw closure
  • Estrella & Luna jewelry tag
  • 18 inch 22K gold plated paper clip chain

All items come in a signature Estrella & Luna dust bag, carefully boxed, ready to gift or keep!

This piece features a detachable gold screw top, making it secure for essential oils or perfumes. Fill it with your favorite scent and awaken your senses to help you live your day with positivity and creativity. Estrella and Luna's top oil suggestions are the following:

  • Lavender, known to ease stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Peppermint which can alleviate headaches
  • Eucalyptus, proven to clear and reduce inflammation of sinuses and also serves as a bug repellant