*Gia* Phantom Quartz Necklace


One-of-a-kind angel phantom quartz healing crystal pendant necklace.  Handmade necklace by Estrella and Luna Jewelry.  This piece comes in a variety of colors including a green phantom ghost quartz, moss agate crystal - please leave a note at checkout to request a specific color for your necklace. 

Pendant Features

  • Gold wire wrapped on pendant
  • Natural stone pendant
  • Measures approximately 1.5 inches in length

Chain Features

  • Select chain style
  • Select chain length
  • Lobster claw closure
  • Estrella & Luna jewelry tag

Phantom Quartz:
To earn the name of phantom quartz, the crystal must have been interrupted during its growth. Some say that these concentrated interrupting mineral deposits that crept inside the quartz look like ghostly specters. Estrella & Luna's crystals appear as a moss-like growth with a little hint of pink and yellow inside the clear quartz. One thing is for certain, the deformity is what makes the pendant so beautiful and unique. Perhaps we can learn from nature and view all deformities, whether on a person or thing, as a special creation and an enhancement to our life!