*Stella* Baroque Pearl Necklace


This gorgeous dainty necklace features a natural baroque freshwater pearl pendant electroplated with 18K gold. 

Pendant Features
 + 15mm in length by 12mm in width
 + Natural baroque pearl
 + Electroplated in 18K Gold

Chain Features
 + Select chain style
 + Select length
 + Lobster claw closure
+ Estrella & Luna jewelry tag

Chain Selections
 + 22K gold plated cable chain (1.2mm)
 + 14K gold filled cable chain (1.2mm)

This unique piece also makes perfect bridesmaid's jewelry and looks stunning with any color dress. Contact Estrella & Luna for special pricing on wedding party orders.

How miraculous that an oyster can create a lustrous pearl from a single grain of sand that enters its shell. The oyster learned to embrace this intrusion and adopt a method to transform this foreign object into an iridescent gem. We should all use this example when something new enters our life. Whether it be a person or unfamiliar circumstance, take the unknown and make something beautiful from it. So wear your baroque pearl necklace as a reminder to live life creatively and to its fullest! 

What a perfect gift to give to someone you really care about and love, especially those with a June birthday. It looks amazing on its own or as a boho-chic layered look so please take a peek for more ideas to pair with this one. Usually allow 4"+ difference in chain length for good balance. (Example: 16", 20", 24".)