Estrella and Luna is a women-owned small business started in 2016 by Kristin Nicholson. E+L began as a passion project in the dining room of Kristin's first home that she shared with her husband and two dogs. Since then, her family and the E+L family have expanded and the brand has grown have into what it is today.  

Estrella and Luna Jewelry is inspired by the beauty if the natural world and living your life with purpose and intention.  These themes are found throughout every piece of Estrella and Luna Jewelry.  From carved trumpet shells, to raw gemstones, agates, and crystals, the spirit of cherishing the beauty around you and being mindful in the present moment shine through.  

Jewelry for All

Jewelry is something that fits everyone. It does not need to be tried on and it doesn't fit some body types more than others. Jewelry is for everyone! Estrella and Luna is founded on the idea that well-made high quality jewelry and natural gemstones shouldn't cost a fortune and fits everyone in every size and shape.   


Jewelry for Good

Estrella and Luna has partnered with Jesse's House, a safe haven for girls in domestic abuse and human sex traffic victims.  Our goal is to shine light in the lives of the girls coming to Jesse's House. 


Handmade to Last

Our jewelry is carefully crafted and handmade to last.  From the sourcing of high quality chain, findings, gold wire, gemstones, crystals, and materials; to the craftsmanship that goes into each piece, our jewelry is meant to last and be cherished.  


Jewelry with Intention and Purpose

Jewelry should make you feel good. It is an accent to a plain outfit, a statement piece, or style of personal expression. Estrella and Luna Jewelry is made to be worn with intention and purpose.